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  • In June of 1961 twelve Chevrolet collectors and enthusiasts met and created a club for the preservation and restoration of old Chevrolet automobiles and trucks known as the Vintage Chevrolet club of America.
  • The VCCA has grown in the United States and abroad with membership open to all Chevrolets and GMC vehicles 25 years old and older.
  • There are many excellent reasons to be a member of both the national and local chapter of the VCCA.
  • Benefits On the National level:
    1. The large membership provides years of experience with fellow enthusiasts and technical advisors who specialize in
    specific model years.
    2. The national club provides a high quality monthly magazine that features historical information, technical data, special interest articles, region information and personal stories.
    One of the outstanding features of the magazine, the Generator and Distributor, is the classified section which is free to all members.
    Members will receive information on regional and national VCCA judged shows were you may compete for your Junior, Senior and Preservation awards.
  • The VCCA on the local level is broken down into regions that cover a specific geographic area. The Long Island Region was established in 1978 and services from the Queens line to Montauk Point. To become a member of the local region, you must be a national member.  Advantages to being a regional member are:
    1. At a local meeting you get to meet and talk face to face with people who have the same love of Chevrolet and GMC vehicles that you do.

    2. The club is comprised of people who own classics from the 1930’s up to the 1980’s. Many of  our members have done restorations and have answers to your questions.
    3. At meetings we discuss both past and future activities and what car shows or swap meets we may attend as a club. We have an award winning newsletter that is emailed to members each month.
    4. Members of our region have served on the National Board and four of our members are technical advisors to the national organization, so they are a great source of information.
    5. Many of our members’ Chevrolets have won Junior, Senior, Preservation and Best of the Best awards.
    6. We sponsor nationally judged regional meets along with judging seminars.

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